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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collected info re: Windows 8, & Hotmail Changes

If you missed it when I posted it earlier, this is a link to a video preview of Windows 8. This was from Microsoft, and while older, it's still a good intro.
This is a link to: "What to expect from the Windows 8 rollout" You may want to scroll down to the General Availability sub-heading.
This is a link to info on Windows RT, just posted by Microsoft. Notice that both Microsoft and their collaborators will be coming out with these tablets.
This is a link to the Windows 8 price promotion available for upgrading from your current edition of Windows until January 31, 2013.
This is a link to a Windows Brief Tutorial "to take the scary out" (I briefly showed this site after the board meeting.) It focuses on using the desktop area as opposed to the cloud apps.
This is a link re: the Windows 8 Start Tweaker You can customize Windows 8 start screen background and image.
This is a link to a site hosting Windows 8 Forums You don't have to join in order to read the forums, but you must join to post.
This is a link to a post earlier this year explaining how everything connects using Windows 8 and SkyDrive.
This is a link explaining the change from Hotmail to the new This is a new webmail service, not just for people that have/use Outlook, the MS Office program. Another link re: - More info w/screen shots.