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Monday, April 14, 2014

Chromecast Info

Here is a link to the minimum system requirements for using Chromecast
Note that it says "limited performance" using Windows XP. I've seen reviews that say it doesn't work at all with XP--something to be aware of.

I didn't mention in the BB&B article that once you've cast to your TV, you can use your computer or tablet to surf the web, or use your phone to make or receive calls, etc. In other words, you're equipment isn't tied up the entire time that you're watching what you've cast.

The following documents are in Rich Text format (.rtf), so everyone can access them. You may not have the same fonts on your computer, in which case some headings may look too bold or the formatting may differ.
This is a link to the documents on Chromecast (link may take awhile to come up and you may have to click on Reload). Content of docs is as shown below. Feel free to download them. I'll leave them up for a few weeks.
01. A list of Chromecast features.
02. This review gives you a good grasp of how some of the features work.
03. Setting up Chromecast...This review walks you through the setup process.
04. More on setup, including images.
05. Collected snips on casting from your desktop.

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