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Monday, April 14, 2014

Chromecast Info

Here is a link to the minimum system requirements for using Chromecast
Note that it says "limited performance" using Windows XP. I've seen reviews that say it doesn't work at all with XP--something to be aware of.

I didn't mention in the BB&B article that once you've cast to your TV, you can use your computer or tablet to surf the web, or use your phone to make or receive calls, etc. In other words, you're equipment isn't tied up the entire time that you're watching what you've cast.

The following documents are in Rich Text format (.rtf), so everyone can access them. You may not have the same fonts on your computer, in which case some headings may look too bold or the formatting may differ.
This is a link to the documents on Chromecast (link may take awhile to come up and you may have to click on Reload). Content of docs is as shown below. Feel free to download them. I'll leave them up for a few weeks.
01. A list of Chromecast features.
02. This review gives you a good grasp of how some of the features work.
03. Setting up Chromecast...This review walks you through the setup process.
04. More on setup, including images.
05. Collected snips on casting from your desktop.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Collected info re: Windows 8, & Hotmail Changes

If you missed it when I posted it earlier, this is a link to a video preview of Windows 8. This was from Microsoft, and while older, it's still a good intro.
This is a link to: "What to expect from the Windows 8 rollout" You may want to scroll down to the General Availability sub-heading.
This is a link to info on Windows RT, just posted by Microsoft. Notice that both Microsoft and their collaborators will be coming out with these tablets.
This is a link to the Windows 8 price promotion available for upgrading from your current edition of Windows until January 31, 2013.
This is a link to a Windows Brief Tutorial "to take the scary out" (I briefly showed this site after the board meeting.) It focuses on using the desktop area as opposed to the cloud apps.
This is a link re: the Windows 8 Start Tweaker You can customize Windows 8 start screen background and image.
This is a link to a site hosting Windows 8 Forums You don't have to join in order to read the forums, but you must join to post.
This is a link to a post earlier this year explaining how everything connects using Windows 8 and SkyDrive.
This is a link explaining the change from Hotmail to the new This is a new webmail service, not just for people that have/use Outlook, the MS Office program. Another link re: - More info w/screen shots.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cross Platform Apps, a couple of links

This is a link to listhings, which are online sticky notes that can be accessed from any device, regardless of OS, with any modern browser. (free & easy)
This is a link to easy bookmarks, which can also be accessed from any device with any modern browser, and is also free and easy to use.
This is a link to Netvibes, a self-updating personal portal. This is free but requires some set-up time. You can see updates on sites, such as tech blogs, that you may be following.
There are many handy, free, cross platform sites available.

Monday, May 7, 2012

SkyDrive News Links

This is a link to what's new in SkyDrive from the Building Windows 8 blog (from Microsoft). Read down to "Comments." NOTE the phrase "for a limited time" in the following paragraph from this page:
"We know that many of you signed up for a service that offered 25GB, and some are already using more than 7GB of storage. So, starting today, for a limited time, any registered SkyDrive user who has uploaded files to SkyDrive as of April 22nd can opt in to keep 25GB of free storage while still getting all of the benefits of the new service. (For users who are already using more than 4GB as of April 1, we’ve automatically opted you in to 25GB of free storage to avoid any issues.)"

This is a link to the Comparison Chart that compares the features and prices of (additional) storage, as well as the amount of free storage allowed, using SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

This is a link to The Windows Blog which shows a page full of posts about how SkyDrive works with various applications & devices (including Mac).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

General Meeting handout for April & May

Here is a link to where you will find Chris Sellmeyer's handout on How To Speed Up Your Computer. It is posted in both Word and .rtf format for those who don't have Word. Look for Chris' name to find the documents. You can download it and print it.

Video Preview of Windows 8

Here's a link to Microsoft's video: Windows 8 is dramatically different--the biggest change since the change from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 seventeen years ago! It's worth watching to get an idea of what's ahead.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Setting Up & Using SkyDrive

This is a link to the SkyDrive PowerPoint presentation given at the SCORCC General Meeting. View it by clicking beneath the window. (The link above that says "Start Slide Show" tends to get you an error message.) You can click the F11 key at the top of your keyboard to view it full screen size, and click the F11 key again when you're finished. This is a link to the handout in rtf format which you can download.  This is a link to the handout as a Word doc which some may be able to view.

For XP users: This is a link to XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) which you will need in order to use SkyDrive, if you don't already have it. If you wish to use the free MS Office apps in SkyDrive (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & OneNote), you will need this MS Office Compatibility Pack which contains XP SP2 within it. Additionally, for the Office web apps you will need MS Word viewer, MS Excel viewer, and MS PowerPoint viewer in order to view documents generated in these programs on your computer and be able to print and/or save them.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creating An Electronic Greeting Card

This is a link to where you will find the Holiday Titles & Credits images and the instructions for Creating An E-Card (the handout). Open the folder to pick out and download the title & credits design of your choice. To download the handout, click the document, then click the download link above it.

If you would like to have all of the titles & credits images and you have an unzipping program on your computer, here is a link to download a zipped file containing all of them.

Windows Vista Movie Maker video tutorial link.  Windows XP Movie Maker video tutorial link. There are quite a lot of these video tutorials on You Tube. You'll see a list on the right hand side when you click either of the links above. Here's a step-by-step written tutorial for Windows XP Movie Maker.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct. 22, 2010 - Creating A Blog

This is a link to the Google Blogger sign-up page.  Then you'll want to view a video about how to get started and view some of the other Google Help Videos.

This is a link to the WordPress sign-up page. After you've signed up you'll want to view some of the WordPress help videos.

For a Google Blogspot ONLY, this is a link to the Clocks website  where you can find the cherries  and orange slice clocks you see on my blogs, as well as other clocks.